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Our vertical production integration strategy allows us to control our delivery times as well as the traceability and quality of everything we do. Finally, our contemporary and regularly updated production methods allow us to respond to orders for both small and large series while maintaining the quality of the work of our artisans and respect for their traditions. As a socially eco-responsible and humanly committed group, we are determined to preserve the sources of our raw materials by working only with suppliers who care about the environment. We are aware of our responsibilities to protect the future of our planet and our societies, and we adopt a socially fair and ecologically tolerable strategy (information on our initiatives and results on the RSE commitments page).

Small-scale series

Gainerie 91 can produce small series (1 to 100 pieces) in its factory in Mauritius or in a 100% Made in France setting in its original Ile-de-France workshop, in order to best meet your manufacturing requirements.

Medium series

The production capacity of Gainerie 91 Mauritius is also suitable for medium series (from 50 to 5,000 pieces) with a particular specialization in leather and high-end textiles. Our Portuguese site is also able to meet requests for medium series to produce standard parts.

Large-scale series

Our production site and development offices based in southern China support production optimization for medium and large quantities. Thanks to its work tools, its industrial organization and multi-material know-how, Gainerie 91 China can respond to requests for products that are as multiple as they are complex, with precision in their production.