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For more than 50 years, the Groupe Gainerie 91 has evolved and grown strategically by integrating vertically and horizontally know-how, resources and skills. The units of the Groupe Gainerie 91 around the world put their know-how at your service in order to best meet your most demanding technical needs, from product conception to production, through the design and development stages.

Leather paper cardboard

The business at the origin of the company, the traditional work of covering is at the heart of our packaging know-how. Cutting, hot stamping, gilding, folding, forming, ... are all trades and skills around leather, paper and cardboard that allow G91 to be a leader on the international market. From single pieces to large series, our workshops in France, Mauritius and China can carry out all your projects.


A traditional packaging material, wood makes it possible to produce quality packaging and provides an answer to environmental constraints. Woodworking trades are at the heart of the production of Gainerie 91 products, particularly for the packaging of wines and spirits. Cabinetmaking, solid wood, marquetry are all skills mastered in our workshops.


Metalwork in all its forms is essential to the creation of high-quality PLV, and packaging and merchandising accessories. Gainerie 91 provides its customers with its know-how in metalwork: cutting, turning, milling, laser cutting, welding, etc…. allowing to use Aluminium, zamak, stainless-steel, brass, steel etc.


Polymers are used in many applications in our products due to their technical and aesthetic characteristics. Gainerie 91 has integrated resin moulding, thermoforming, plexiglass, 3D printing, plastic injection, etc... into its own skills and resources, which makes it possible to respond to any type of project.


Surface quality finish is essential for exceptional packaging. To control the production chain from end to end, the Gainerie 91 sites have acquired and mastered the trades of painting, polishing, screen printing, lacquering, pad printing, etc…. This allows flexibility and an ability to meet all needs.


The last few years have been marked by numerous alliances, acquisitions, and partnerships with contributors at the forefront of eco-development research for recycled materials: Ictyos marine leather, Sericyne silk and most recently Authentic Material.


Crafts are at the heart of the high-end products developed by Gainerie 91. Replicart is our partner, involved upstream in the development of prototypes, unique pieces and small series specialized in sculpture and moulding. Ekceli embroidery enables Gainerie 91 to offer embroidered embellishments for tailor-made packaging.