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Within the Gainerie 91 Group, we believe that continuous learning is the key to success, both for our employees and our company.

We are proud to offer training opportunities to our employees and also to have opened our internal training Campus on October 2, 2023. Today, we are able to provide internal training content focused on the profession of craftsperson within production, delivered by our internal trainers. Our Campus trainers are experts in their field, ready to share their knowledge and experience to guide you towards excellence. We believe in practical learning. Our Campus incorporates real projects, case studies, and simulations to more easily project oneself into production. Continuing education is the best way to access positions of responsibility and succeed in your career. Training contributes to job satisfaction by building confidence and promoting personal growth, while bringing new ideas and perspectives that stimulate our company. By investing in the development of our collaborators' skills, our collaborators grow with us.

Careers within the Gainerie 91 Group


HR, Accounting, Management, Purchasing, Logistics, CSR

"I have been with Gainerie 91 for over 20 years. Hired as a commercial assistant & Accountant/HR, I have evolved over time. What I appreciate about Gainerie 91 is the diversity of missions, the beautiful products, and the entrepreneurial spirit of our CEO. If you have the desire to participate in the creation of beautiful products, join us!" - Caroline Campion, Administrative Manager


Sales Management, Sales Representatives, Project Managers

"As a Key Account Manager, my tasks involve collaborating with major Houses in the Luxury sector to leverage our expertise in realizing their projects. The roles are versatile and dynamic, ranging from commercial relations and negotiation to project management." - Sophie Pacaud, Key Account Manager

Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication Manager, Mission Manager

"I was hired at Gainerie 91 in 2012. I started with an internship, then held the position of marketing assistant. Two years later, I was promoted to Communication & Marketing Manager. If you are creative, have a team spirit, are versatile, autonomous, and enjoy taking on challenges, then you are in the right place!" - Clara Alvarez, Communication & Marketing Manager


Technical Manager, Design Office Manager, Designer

"I joined as the lead Designer for eco-design. In addition to my tasks in industrial development and research, I am responsible for developing the eco-design approach within the company. Within the Design Office, we are excited about reviewing your application. We appreciate autonomous and ingenious profiles!" - Floriane, Designer produit spécialisée en écoconception


Production Manager, Trimmers, Cutters, Gilders, Carpenters

"After 23 years in mass retail as a project manager, I underwent professional retraining in the craftmanship field, which matches my artistic profile and my desire for challenges. At Gainerie 91, you are supported by craftspeople who are keen to pass on their expertise. You work with beautiful products and exceptional materials! Training is ongoing and open to everyone." - Delphine Karaula, Craftswoman