The second life of materials


Strategic partnerships strengthen the mission of responsible upcycling.

Johé Bruneau

When the game becomes « Enjeux »

Artist, designer, and co-founder of Precious Plastic France, Johé Bruneau makes recycled plastic his medium of choice. He co-created the Enjeux Chess Set with Gainerie 91, which has been made entirely from a single material: plastic films from logistical packaging. Each element of the game aims to reveal the potential of recycled plastic. Up close, the black and white pieces blend into each other, seeming to transcend the notion of opposite camp. A call to move away from a binary perspective in order to consider overall solutions for valuing this resource.

Clémence Lorriaux

Upcycling for our packaging

The Gainerie 91 Group and Clémence Lorriaux, craftswoman and designer, collaborate with the goal of combining their expertise. Clémence Lorriaux enhances disregarded materials in order to upcycle them. Each piece is unique and elevates Gainerie 91's cases by combining art with eco-responsibility.


The various lives of leather

For the past few years, the Gainerie 91 Group has been committed to revaluing unused leather scraps from its production site in France for the creation of new materials. Gainerie 91 has recently partnered with Recycuir, a creator and manufacturer of the upcycled material called Poreva. We will use this new material created from our leather scraps for the design of new products.

Fashion schools

The Gainerie 91 Group is convinced by collaborative ecology and giving a new life to its unusable materials.

In an upcycling approach, the Gainerie 91 Group offers its defective leathers to fashion schools. This action allows students to have free access to creative resources for their school projects. Through this, we believe in the benefits of upcycling, which contributes to the efficient reuse of resources.