CSR Policy


Gainerie 91 Group is fully committed to a responsible policy adapted to the new challenges that arise.

Our actions


Electric charging stations

Provision of 14 charging stations for electric vehicles to encourage employees to reduce their carbon footprint by adopting sustainable transport.

Solar panels

Installation of 84 solar panels on production sites, generating clean energy and strengthening our environmental commitment.


Rainwater collection, an initiative that reduces our water consumption and contributes to its environmental sustainability.

Internal shipments

Implementation of weekly shuttles between the different production sites to optimize shipments an to improve the company's logistical efficiency.

Campus Gainerie 91

Creation of an internal training campus to enhance the skills of our artisans and promoting their professional development.

Employee mobility

Establishment of an employee transportation service to facilitate the access to their workplace for all our co-workers.

Employee health

Attentive to the health of our staff, medical monitoring is conducted in-house on each site of production. Lunch is provided for employees on site.


Reduction of plastic packs, we have replaced them with padding and kraft tape. The pallet wrap is 50% recycled.

Internal events

For each birthday, employees receive a personalized gift as a token of recognition and appreciation, strengthening the company culture.


Development of the partnership with the Global Rainbow Foundation, supporting the development of individuals with disabilities.

Local communities

Sponsorship of the Stade Français women's volleyball team - Les Mariannes, to promote women's sports and social inclusion.

Our commitments

In order to demonstrate our good practices and also to meet the demand of some clients, we have implemented a number of tools and certifications at various sites.


In 2022, we conducted our 1st carbon footprint assessment.

It has allowed us to have data on the most significant impacts of our activities and thus be able to educate our clients to support them and make the best choices: locations of manufacturing based on the materials used, availability of transportation means to the delivery site... In order to have reliable information and thus be able to commit to reductions compatible with the Paris Agreement, we have decided to collectively enhance our skills in assessing our carbon footprint. We have opted for a subscription to a tool that will allow us to better visualize our footprint and the effects of various solutions considered to reduce it.


Discover our CSR report, a testimony to our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Gender Equality

Within Gainerie 91 Group, we are proud to promote our corporate culture based on equality, diversity, and inclusion.

The Gainerie 91 Group has demonstrated its commitment to preserving the health and physical integrity of workers by obtaining SA8000 certifications in Asia, and adheres to the highest standards set by the UN in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO (International Labour Organization), and conventions concerning children's rights or the elimination of all forms of discrimination. The rapid development in Europe allows the Gainerie 91 Group to stay in tune with its markets, closer to them, and to control its responsibility towards society and the quality of work life, respecting ethics, equal opportunities, and diversity.

Gender Equality Index in 2023 (based on 2022 data for the Lieusaint site)

Gender pay gap indicator for raises


Indicator for the percentage of female employees receiving a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave


Indicator for the number of employees of the underrepresented sex among the top 10 highest salaries


Overall rating

Not calculable