Creativity and expertise



Genèse is a movement committed to upcycling. It invites reflection and action on the reuse of discarded materials. Primarily focused on scraps, the Genèse movement blends wood veneer and leather in a specific pattern.


Aerial sculpture

This magnificent ribbon, measuring 120 meters, was created by Steven Leprize, an inventive cabinetmaker and founder of the ARCA workshop. It is entirely made with C°-WOOD©️ oak veneer technology, a thermoformable wood. Suspended 8 meters above the ground by thin cables, this dynamic sculpture, an allegory of creativity, climbs like a vine and utilizes the great height of the atrium of Gainerie 91 France. The branches of this ribbon transform into benches, cross the president's office, and unfold at the reception desk.

Hom Nguyen

The hand of the artisan gainer and his folding tool

Art holds a central place on our sites, symbolized notably by the triptych of the "Geste du Plioir", which measures 8.4 meters in length. This artistic representation highlights the importance of meticulous and precise gestures carried out by our artisans in the creation process.

Emeric Chantier

Art and gainerie

The collaboration between Emeric Chantier and the Gainerie 91 Group questions the reuse of exceptional boxes. Emeric Chantier, a French artist, brings to life a set of sculptures that blend the botanical with the mechanical. His work explores the introspective feeling that man experiences in the presence of nature's roots and vistas. The "Green Box" project is an elegant marriage between Art and the expertise of Gainerie 91.


Symbol of portuguese identity

The word "ALMA", meaning "SOUL" in Portuguese, was originally present on the building. Out of respect for this meaningful element, we have preserved and enhanced it, and it now proudly adorns the entrance of our building. It is a testimony to our attachment to the Portuguese identity and to the cultural heritage that permeates our company.