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Discover how innovative collaborations are redefining luxury.


Creativity around wood

ARCA is a workshop dedicated to the creation, experimentation, and innovation in woodworking. Gainerie 91 Group and ARCA have initiated a collaboration for the creation of an extraordinary product. We have crafted a drawer box for a champagne bottle, designed in WOOWOOD©; a marquetry made of flexible wood aiming to both protect and highlight the curves of the bottle.

Authentic Material

Upcycled materials for a circular economy

Authentic Material is a company specialized in the design and production of upcycled materials from untapped natural resources. Gainerie 91 Group and Authentic Material have joined forces to encourage luxury brands to adopt an eco-responsible approach. We offer them the use of natural, bio-sourced materials, sourced from 60% to 100% from Authentic Material techniques, for their packaging and merchandising.


Enhancing luxury packaging with embroidery

Marie Berthouloux, founder of Studio Ekceli, is revolutionizing the design field by merging the art of textile silversmithing and embroidery. Thanks to Studio Ekceli, Gainerie 91 Group can now offer embroidered embellishments for bespoke products. Just like in haute couture, our clients have the opportunity to create highly expressive and personalized showcases and cases, in unique pieces or small series, to enhance exceptional products.


Taking the gamble on French marine leather for our packaging

ICTYOS, a French tannery combining traditional craftsmanship and ecological commitment, transforms fish skins sourced from the agri-food industry into exceptional quality marine leathers. Gainerie 91 Group has had the pleasure of meticulously working with these fish leathers to create unique keychains and cases for the watchmaking sector. A collaboration that blends creativity and sustainability.

Jeu de Paume

Our know-how at the service of the Arts

Jeu de Paume, an emblematic cultural institution of the Tuileries gardens, is also a reference point for art and images of the 20th and 21st centuries. Big names in photography rub shoulders with emerging artists, making this showcase an essential center of discovery. Particularly sensitive to the world of art, Gainerie 91, through this partnership, dedicates its know-how to magnify it through packaging that is both exceptional and surprising.

Noir vif

Innovation at the service of design

Noir Vif, a design studio in the heart of Paris since 2011, imagines and designs tomorrow's objects. By combining the duo of designers and the Gainerie 91 group, both are taking on the challenge of bringing numerous aspects back together (formal, technical, functional, symbolic...) in the best possible way, while serving societal and environmental issues. Among relevant creations and inventive projects, the field of possibilities reaches its peak to offer our customers a unique and innovative product.


A collaboration under the banner of eco-responsibility

Nuvi, an innovative company in the field of bio-sourced materials, is at the forefront of innovation. Their range of evolving solutions, plastic-free, offers a variety of applications. For our first collaboration, Gainerie 91 Group and Nuvi join forces in creating products clad in eco-responsible material made from chalk, without plastic, non-toxic, and vegan. We highlight these unique materials to better address tomorrow's challenges.


Creating shapes through the natural weaving of silk

Sericyne, a pioneer in reintroducing sericulture in France, teamed up with Gainerie 91 Group to explore the untapped skills of silkworms in luxury packaging weaving. Since then, we have designed several products, including a groundbreaking innovation in the world of visual merchandising: a 3D-printed bust adorned with the exquisite Sericyne silk. A unique visual experience that blends cutting-edge technology with exceptional craftsmanship.

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