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Design Crea and R&D

The research and development office supports sales staff and their clients both during the design and execution phases of their projects to materialize viable and quality productions. As a true pillar, the team of designers, both creative and technical, plays a facilitator role to streamline interactions and optimize production.


Sourcing is essential for Gainerie 91 Group. We implement strict processes to ensure traceability and high product quality. We have trusted partners for the production of semi-finished products, components, and finished products with multi-material and multi-expertise capabilities. We prioritize the sourcing of eco-responsible materials with low environmental impact to offer you unique products.


To ensure comprehensive support, Gainerie 91 Group offers prototyping your products. This final step is crucial as it allows for real visualization of your project, accelerates validation processes, and minimizes revisions prior to production launch.


Our vertical integration guarantees deadlines, traceability, and quality. Our contemporary and regularly updated production methods allow us to respond to orders for both small and large series while maintaining the quality of the work of our artisans and respect for their traditions.

Quality Control

The pursuit of perfection is a core value for us at the Gainerie Group 91, and guides every step of creation. Our quality control team is involved throughout the production process, right up to the shipping stage, to ensure that each product meets expectations down to the smallest detail.


Gainerie 91 Group carefully packages according to a strict set of specifications and ships your orders worldwide. To do this, we rely on the most reliable, efficient, and competitive transport companies. We conduct careful monitoring to ensure the successful delivery of your order.